Developmental disorder of foot, talipes equinovarus or clubfoot, is a congenital deformity, in which the foot parts are incorrectly formed. It is typical for a clubfoot that the foot is turned inwards, so that the sole is pointing towards the axis, and the heel is higher and more inward than normally. The forefoot is turned inwards and there is a skin fold above the heel bone.

The treatment methods have changed during the past decades. It is common for them that the foot position is manipulated straight away during the first days and months with plaster casts and different aids. Treatment is individual and aims at a well-working foot that will function for the whole life-time. Along with thousands of steps, there can be changes in feet, so it is necessary to control them during the whole lifetime.

Finnish Clubfoot Association, Suomen Kampurajalkayhdistys Ry (SKYRY) was founded on 2003. The purpose of the association is to share information about clubfeet, their treatment and rehabilitation and offer peer support for the people who are in the same situation. The association is based on volunteer work and membership fees. SKYRY is a member association of the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities. This membership enables a European-wide co-operation in issues related to the rare diagnosis. The association aims at supporting the life with clubfeet and sharing information, for example, about the benefits admitted by Kela. Our members include both families with children and adults with clubfeet.

The basic idea of the association is to offer peer support for people with clubfeet and their families – at all ages and different life situations. Peer support persons and families can offer suitable support that is suitable for your own life situation. On our website, you can find basic information about clubfeet and current topics of the association and the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities. A closed Facebook group is used for discussing different issues related to clubfeet. The association organises annual meetings, where people with clubfeet and their families have a chance to talk with each other and share their experiences.

The contact information of the members of the board and the association can be found on page “Yhteystiedot” (Contact information).